The Global Studies Programme (GSP) is a critical research-oriented social science graduate programme. The primary goal of the programme is to analyze the social world we live in by research and work towards envisioning and realizing alternative futures. The programme requires a Master’s Thesis. The students are expected to reflect on their GSP education, experience, and research in the final thesis. We encourage our students to continue as researchers after GSP and pursue a Ph.D. 


The programme works within a network of universities. According to the semester order, the partner universities are:

Semester 1: Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (Berlin/Germany)

Semester 2: FLACSO (Buenos Aires/Argentina)

Semester 2: University of Pretoria (Pretoria/South Africa)

Semester 3: Jawaharlal Nehru University (New Delhi/India)

Semester 3: Chulalongkorn University (Bangkok/Thailand)

Semester 4: One of the above partner universities 


Until this point, all of our students received their degrees from Humboldt University (HU). Students who spend their second semester at FLACSO can opt for a double-degree (HU&FLACSO). We are working towards double-degree agreements with all partners.   


Expenses will depend on individual lifestyles. Based on the experiences of the recent GSP groups, we can only give a general overview of costs. When we take all expenses into account, the students should expect to spend between 800-1000 Euros a month for the next two years to have a relatively comfortable student life. Some months the students will invest less than the others, and there will be times when they will be expected to spend more than 2000 Euros for booking flights, paying deposits, transferring tuition fees, etc. Therefore, we advise our students to make sure that they have 2000-3000 Euros saved for these times. When you fill out the information form, you will receive the most recent cost updates from our students as well as the tuition and fee situation at the partner universities. You could also write to the local GSP staff for costs of the relevant semester.    


Unfortunately, GSP cannot provide financial support. The students will have to apply to external funding institutions such as DAAD. Non-German applicants can contact local DAAD offices and ask for information. While non-German students may apply for financial assistance for the German semesters, German students can apply for non-German semesters. If you are accepted, there are other partial funding possibilities which you will need to research and work on. For funding opportunities in Argentina, South Africa, India, and Thailand, please get in touch with local GSP contacts. Some of our students try to manage work and study. Experience tells us that it could be difficult for the GSP students to find student jobs when they move from one continent to another for the next semester. Therefore, we kindly urge potential applicants to assess the financial part of the programme carefully to avoid stress during their studies.


We accept applications from all parts of the world. The applications are received by HU Berlin. The core requirement is to have a Social Science degree and fluency in English. The student groups are always mixed in all possible terms such as nationality, age, disciplinary background. We are aware that this multiplicity is not free from the all-encompassing impact of global inequalities. Within existing structures and limitations, we do our best to counter-balance.  


Every year more than five hundred students from all parts of the world contact us and declare interest in applying to our programme. Almost all of them register with us to receive more information on the application procedure. Up to two hundred students take the final step and start the application process. Because of application mistakes, missing documents, or other reasons, up to a hundred students do not finalize their application. The academic committee will receive more than a hundred applications to choose thirty/thirty-five students.  


The academic committee comprises at least three full professors and the programme director. The committee members pay attention to all kinds of criteria to come up with a fair shortlist. We pay special attention to understand if the applicants worked seriously on their application by developing a good knowledge of the programme and partner universities. Overall academic performance, international experiences, capacity for self-reliance and self-discipline are also taken into consideration. Since the outcome does depend on the application pool, up until the evaluation day, we would not know about your potential chances.

Application Dates

You can apply only for the Summer Semester of each year. Summer Semester at HU Berlin begins in the second week of April. The application opens every year at the beginning of December and closes on January 15th. Deadlines are non-negotiable. If you miss an application deadline, you will have to apply next year. We do urge potential applicants to get their application documents ready before December and apply within the first two weeks of December. Last minute applications to GSP are unlikely to be successful. 

Application Advice

Potential applicants tend to ask for advice to increase their chances. In principle, all the information you need is on this page. Please read carefully what we are offering and ask yourself if what we offer suits your experience and expectations. 

More information

Potential applicants have all kinds of questions about the programme. For us to be able to give you the best answers, please fill out MA information form. You will then receive a message with interactive links. The information we provide is always based on the previous applications and will be regularly updated in the second half of the year to give you the most recent information. Please note that our most successful students show resilience to uncertainty and deal with limited information effectively. The same students conduct excellent research and produce high-level academic work.