Binational Ph.D. Program

Binational Ph.D. Program

A warm thanks to Gabriel Levita from Universidad del Salvador (USAL) for his visit to the Global Studies Programme!

During his visit Prof. Levita presented a lecture titled “Latin American Political Elites: Understanding their Pathways and Measuring their Circulation”. He brought a fresh perspective on the study of Latin American political elites, focusing on legislative amateurism and how it influences the renewal processes of these elites. With a comprehensive historical review of Latin American elites, he analyzed the interconnectedness between countries’ political systems and the evolution of their political elites over the last thirty years.

Thanks to Prof. Levita for his contribution to the 2023 GSP semester!

For those intrigued by this area of study, we encourage you to explore the Bi-national Doctoral Programme in Global Studies we offer in collaboration with USAL.

Prof. Gabriel Levita is an Assistant Professor at USAL and researcher at CONICET and a member of the academic committee for our binational Ph.D. Program. His research specialties include Political Elites, Latin American Legislatures, Populism and Political Outsiders in Latin America, and Argentine Politics.

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