The 2022-2023 GSP application period has officially closed

The 2022-2023 GSP application period has officially closed

The 2022-2023 GSP application period (December 1st – January 15th) has officially closed. We want to thank everyone who applied for their interest and effort in the application process! 

The next step is for the local and non-local applicants to be forwarded to us by the respective admission offices, followed by an academic meeting to prepare a shortlist. The admission offices will determine the final list, taking into consideration other factors. Results will be announced after the process is completed, and we will learn the outcome with the applicants in real time. The result should not be interpreted as a reflection of the applicants’ qualifications. It simply means that we were unable to offer a seat for this specific application.

If accepted, please remember to accept the invitation and prepare for relocation to Berlin for the Summer Semester of 2023. Find the calendar at this link:

At this stage, there may be questions such as Will there be an in-person semester starting in April 2023? Are there scholarships? Can I defer my studies? Is it obligatory to study abroad? The semester will be in-person, limited scholarships are available, deferral is not allowed, and abroad semesters are mandatory.

Please note that the next application period for GSP will be held next year during the same time frame, and there are no other ways to enter the GSP besides through the application process.

Thank you again for your interest in our program; we understand the effort it takes to put together all the documents, and we genuinely appreciate the hard work of all applicants. We are looking forward to meeting you in April in Berlin!