Intake semester: You apply to join GSP in Summer Semester of the given year. There is no option to start in Winter Semester. 

Application period: The application will start on December 1st and will remain open until January 15th. We recommend early applications taking place in the first three weeks of December.

When do I apply?

Application Portals

Application portals: 
To apply for the Master in Global Studies, you have to register online. Depending on your case, you either register to Studienplatz or Uni-Assist. 

Local/non-local applicants: Concerning the application portals, the main principle is to determine whether or not you could be considered a local applicant.

Application portal links: Local applicants apply at Non-local applicants apply at

Uni-Assist: The Global Studies Programme will become visible on the Uni-Assist website during the period mentioned above.

When do I apply?

More Information

Admissions Hotline: For information regarding deadlines and the application procedure please visit the Admissions Hotline

Academic Calendar: Most important dates are mentioned on the Academic Calendar.

Important: To get further information please go to Contact and fill out the information form.

How can I get more information?


There are two fundamental requirements. First, the applicants are required to have an undergraduate degree in a social or related science. The applicants will fill out a self-assessment form to show that they have acquired at least 60 ECTS in the field of social sciences. Second, the applicants will need to prove that they are fluent in English. To receive further information on the application process, please go to Contact and fill out the MA information form

What are the basic requirements for the application?

Essay Question

The academic evaluation will take every factor into consideration with a special focus on your undergraduate grades, experience abroad and written test. The applicants will write an essay no more than 1000 words (references excluded) responding to the following question:  

Visions of globality have long been linked to Eurocentric Social Theory and neoliberal economic practices. From this perspective, it is argued that despite global challenges, the human condition has improved, and we have made progress towards sustainable development. Do you agree with this statement? 

What is the essay question for the coming application?