Research & Publications

There are eight clusters around multilateral research projects conducted by faculty teaching in the Global Studies Programme: migration, sustainability, inequality, governance and alternative futures, social movements, health and vulnerability, emerging knowledge perspectives, twenty-first century urbanization. Teaching in the electives and on the PhD level focuses exclusively on these topics. Students at the MA level are encouraged to participate in ongoing research projects, while PhD students define their dissertation topics within one of the clusters.

GSP students carry out small research projects during their course of studies and write a thesis in their final semester. These academic works are relevant contributions to knowledge and some of them are published. PhD dissertations are a continuation of this research.

Alumni of the programme as well as interested academics also have the option of publishing their work in the GSP online journal Transcience, whose name is derived from trans, meaning beyond or across, and science, meaning knowledge. The journal’s mission is to contribute to global studies by publishing research that crosses geographic, disciplinary, conceptual and conventional boundaries or extends them.