Bilateral Ph.D. programme: Global Studies

Bilateral Ph.D. programme: Global Studies

We are happy and proud to announce the start of a bilateral Ph.D. programme on Global Studies! The programme will be conducted jointly by Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and Universidad del Salvador, Buenos Aires:

The Ph.D. programme includes joint supervision from both partner universities, and focuses on three areas: environment, global governance, and inequality. We expect you to speak fluent Spanish and contribute to existing research programmes such as inequality research:…/re…/projects/current/current

The programme comprises two semesters at the “home” university, two semesters at the partner university and two to three thesis writing semesters at the home university. A full scholarship funds the stay at the partner university. The period at the home university is self-financed. More details will come with the official announcement. 

Those who are interested should send a CV, cover letter, transcripts, and a research proposal to Tamer Söyler. The proposal can be long or short but not less than five pages (bibliography included). The cover letter should engage directly with your research intentions. If you have doubts about your language competence, you can mention this in your cover letter.